Which motocross bike to choose to get started?

If you’re thinking about getting started in motocross, there are some very important items you need to consider when purchasing your bike and protections. Learn More
18-02-2019 (Last Updated 19-02-2019)

Do you want to start practicing motocross? There are some important things to know before taking up the sport. If you’ve thought several times about having fun riding these particular bikes, but don’t know where to start, then follow these simple and practical tips to figure out which motocross bike to buy.

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Motocross: which bike to start with?
The first thing to think about if you want to start practicing motocross is to choose, as your first bike, the most suitable bike with a low displacement: it will be enough to opt for a 125 cc two-stroke if you are a beginner with an average build or a 250 cc four-stroke if you are not so young and not so slim.

To become a motocross champion it is not enough to have the bike, but you must have a lot of passion and practice a lot of training. Keep in mind that these bikes do not have license plates and cannot be used on the road. Also get a van or a cart to be able to transport your bike on the track.

Motocross: the necessary protections
For those who want to learn to do motocross are essential protections.

A face shield helps protect your eyes from dust and mud as you race on dirt tracks and is also important if you want to buy a minicross bike for kids.

You also need neck protection and a bib for the back and chest, as well as boots, knee pads and suitable pants and jersey.

The motorcycle helmet is the protection par excellence: safeguarding one’s head is fundamental for those who practice motocross, since falling is one of the main risks for those who practice this sport.

Before buying the mask is good to make sure that there are no spaces between the sponge of the glasses and the helmet. The protection for the neck is the leatt brace, recently introduced to prevent breakage of the neck under strong compressions.

As we have seen then there are the knee pads, which are obviously essential to prevent bone breakage in case of dizzy falls.

Boots are another element of protection that can not absolutely miss for those who practice motocross. They protect the feet and avoid twisting the ankle.

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