Where to buy organic products in Milan?

Where to find organic stores in Milan? In order not to get lost, we have created a guide with 5 stores where to buy organic products in Milan

Do you like to follow a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle? Find out which stores sell organic products and foods in Milan.

Organic foods for a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle
Organic farming does not use pesticides, fertilizers or other substances harmful to nature and man, but uses fertilizers and natural products that do not leave residues. This makes organic farming less harmful both to the environment and to the people who consume the products obtained through its farming techniques. Meat from organic farms is also healthier,
because the animals are only fed with organic feed.

Are you looking for
organic food production?
Sale of organic products: organic stores in Milan
More and more people are deciding to eat in a healthier and more conscious, preferring to bring to the table organic products. If you live in Milan and do not know where to buy safe and certified organic products, here, ready to browse, a list of organic stores in Milan where you can
do your shopping.

One of the oldest organic stores in Milan, active for over 50 years, SuperPolo is a supermarket that sells exclusively organic products.
supermarket that sells only organic products. Always attentive to its customers, SuperPolo keeps up to date with the latest news and offers them to its customers. In the city
there are 3 points of sale.



A store that offers a different way of shopping, going back to the past. As you can guess from the name, which plays with the term “short chain”, Effecorta offers its customers healthy and genuine products from the Lombardy region, such as bread made with sourdough, meats, preserves, organic and artisanal wines, honey, but also cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Many of the products on sale in the store can be purchased in bulk, using reusable containers, so as to create a lower impact on the environment.

Semprebio Market Bar & Restaurant
Born in the 90s thanks to the love of its founders for organic products and a healthy and conscious diet, Semprebio is a store where you can buy seasonal and 0 km food from organic farming and other organic products. The place is also a bistro that serves dishes prepared with organic food.

Botanical Center
Present in the city since 1975 with 3 stores, Centro Botanico in Milan was one of the first stores in the Lombard capital to offer its customers an assortment of organic products: not only food, but everything that revolves around a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The Green Market

The Green Market

One of the addresses to mark in your address book if you prefer to do your shopping by buying organic products is Il Mercato Verde, which offers its customers a wide range of organic products, ranging from food to cosmetics, with an eye to those who follow special diets or suffer from intolerances. If you love vegetarian and vegan cuisine, this is also the right place to taste some excellent dishes.

Now your address book is full of addresses of organic stores in Milan: you just have to choose your favorites.

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