Where to buy a dog

If you want to give an abandoned animal a second chance, a shelter is definitely the place to find a dog. In Quebec, thousands of people buy dogs on a whim and then abandon them a few months later when they realize what it means to their daily lives.

It is rare to find very small puppies in shelters, but it does happen, such as when a pregnant female has been abandoned. However, animals offered for adoption are always vaccinated, treated for intestinal parasites, spayed or neutered, and their temperament and behavioral problems, if any, are already known. Also, if you don’t have a lot of time for basic dog training, you will be happy to get a pet that is already house-trained and knows basic commands. However, you will not be able to choose the breed of your pet. Most shelter dogs are mixtures of several breeds (not always identified). And then, if these animals don’t find a family, they will be euthanized. You will save the life of an animal that only wants to love you and be loved…

Price: $250 to $300.

If you’re looking for a particular pure breed, you should go to a breeder. But beware: an honest breeder usually deals with one breed of dog (sometimes two, but rarely more), and he or she will never refuse to show you the entire premise. Ask to see where the dogs sleep, where they play and walk, what they eat, meet the puppy’s parents, etc.

If the breeder does not agree to these few basic requirements, you may be dealing with an unscrupulous person who works in what is known as a “puppy mill.”

Usually reputable breeders have a waiting list, they don’t always have puppies available, and they will want to get to know you better to make sure that the breed of dog you want to take is compatible with your lifestyle. Also, if you choose a dog from a breeder, always ask for a pedigree certificate, as well as a health certificate stating that the animal has all its vaccinations and is healthy.

Price: from $800 (prices increase depending on the breed of dog).

A friend of a friend has a bitch who just gave birth and you want to adopt one of those cute little fur balls? Good idea! You’ll prevent an animal from being euthanized or abandoned in a shelter. But before you purchase one, feel free to ask questions about the parents’ health. And don’t be tempted to take in a dog that’s too young. Puppies should be fed and housetrained by their mother until they are at least 12 weeks old. If they are separated from their siblings too early, they may have behavioral problems because they have not had time to properly integrate the canine codes their mother taught them.

Price: from free to several tens of dollars

Pet stores
Often when we decide to get a dog, our first thought is to go to a pet store. But that’s often the worst place to look for a pet! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a cute little dog in the window, but it’s more a matter of ethics.

In most cases, pet stores get their products from the infamous puppy mills. These are unsanitary places where animals are kept in cages all day, often without enough food or water. Adult males and females live in deplorable conditions and are only used for conveyor belt breeding to “produce” as many puppies as possible and fill the pockets of the exploiters. Females live in confined spaces and breed continuously, going from pregnancy to pregnancy without interruption. And when their bodies can no longer withstand the onslaught of all these forced litters (at the age of 4 to 6 years), they are simply euthanized.

Of course, we can’t generalize, and there are probably pet stores that don’t get their puppies from these factories, but if you find a purebred dog at a very low price ($200 to $300), chances are it comes from one of these unsanitary farms.

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It is possible to find an animal on the Internet. All possibilities are open to you: a person who, because of illness or relocation, can no longer take care of his faithful companion and is looking for a good family for him, breeders, private individuals, etc. Keep in mind that many people pretend to be pet owners.

Keep in mind that many people impersonate real families to sell their puppies that actually come from a factory. Always ask permission to visit the house, see the puppies, see the puppies, see the puppies, see the puppies.

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