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Language is a primary element of the culture of each person and society as a whole. In modern life, no matter what a person does, in whatever field of work or study, he/she needs not only to be fluent in a rapid and enormous flow of information, but also to master the norms of literary Russian, to have a rich vocabulary, to be able to clearly and distinctly express his/her thoughts.

Our site is for those inquisitive people who want to master all the treasures of literary Russian, its unlimited expressive possibilities in written and verbal communication.

In our opinion, it is speech that has always been an indicator of intelligence, education, clarity of thought and, ultimately, the general culture of a person. Speech in a certain sense forms a person’s personality, starting from the school bench.

In addition to correctly spelled words and checked vowels, we pay a lot of attention to the culture of speech, namely accentology norms of the modern Russian language, because we are deeply convinced that speech is a calling card of every person. To speak in a beautiful literary language – is a peculiar characteristic of the professional training of students and adults, especially those professions that are associated with people, with the organization of their work.

We want to help the students of educational institutions, their parents and all those who love Russian and are interested in words, to master orthographic, accentological (accentuation in words), morphological, lexical, syntactical norms of literary Russian, which is considered the standard, the top of the speech culture of the people.

The language
Sergey Skachko

Touch with reverence.
To what you are armed with,
Create bright and revel in the boundless Russian language.
Vast Russian language.

Airy light, juicy, delicious,
“Severe and delicate, multifaceted.
In all its melodies
In all the melodies our wonderful language.

The term “narrow” suits him,
The sigh and cry of interjections,
♪ Be proud that you understand Russian ♪
Try to comprehend the depth.

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