The winter beauty routine to protect the skin

With the arrival of cold weather is even more important to protect our skin. Here are some tips to perform a proper winter beauty routine

With the fall season, the arrival of cold weather is just around the corner. Are you ready to welcome it? In order not to be found unprepared and protect your beauty, it is enough to set up an ad hoc beauty routine, so you can enjoy just the pleasure of being outdoors without risks or bad surprises.

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1. A good facial cleansing, first of all
A fundamental point to protect the skin, and also an aspect often neglected, is the cleansing of the skin of the face. The skin care market offers many cosmetic products, but there are also many good natural remedies to obtain a gentle but effective facial cleansing, which combines the cleansing effects also nourishing and protective qualities, so valuable in the cold season.
An example of this are oils such as tea tree, valuable allies in your daily beauty routine. They are applied in small quantities, massaged gently and removed by rinsing with water: in addition to ensuring a perfect cleaning of the skin of the face, oily cleansers leave a thin protective layer on the skin, preventing dryness and redness.
Oil-based makeup removers are also very gentle, especially if they contain a naturally soothing ingredient: chamomile.

2. Key word: hydration, all day long
Winter is a cold season, but generally in our latitudes also quite dry, so your ideal beauty routine for winter should include a good intensely nourishing and protective cream.
In general, the moisturizer for winter should be more full-bodied and richer than those used in the summer: you can also find more specific formulations depending on the type of skin, from the driest to the oiliest, which as always need different treatments.

The face cream for the day should be particularly performing: spending time outdoors, the skin needs a product that soothes it, makes it soft and smooth, but at the same time is not too oily and persistent, and is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. The day face cream, moreover, must restore the skin’s lipids and regenerate its natural protective hydro-lipid barrier, ensuring lasting protection from dehydration. For a thorough and careful exfoliation, the snail slime cream to be spread on the face is very effective.

If then the activity that you are going to face foresees an additional stress for your skin, such as sports, long periods outdoors or even at high altitude, you can choose specific products, perhaps from Nordic technology, for a total protection, even against the damage of sunlight.

Finally, your winter beauty routine should not miss a good face cream for the night: in fact, this is the time of day when the skin rests and recharges. A good, deeply nourishing product acts during the night, purifying and revitalizing the epidermis, but also repairing any damage caused by the aggression of atmospheric agents and pollution.

3. Lips, Hands, Makeup: A Complete Winter Beauty Routine
Lips are a special part of the face, which is why they deserve special attention, especially in winter when they’re more susceptible to stress, tearing, dryness and other damage from cold and harsh weather. A good cocoa butter is therefore essential, but consider to nourish them as much as possible by using specific balms, which repair and protect, as well as creating a real barrier to defend such an important and delicate part of the face.
Hands, also always in the foreground: they are often exposed to the stress of low temperatures, because sometimes it is not possible to wear gloves to protect and warm them. It is therefore necessary to take care of them with repairing products that favor the regeneration of skin cells, to avoid redness and dryness turning into annoying irritations and even lacerations.

Finally, make-up: a self-respecting winter skin care kit does not neglect this aspect, as make-up is a fundamental part of every woman’s beauty routine. To fight the cold, it is certainly a matter of favoring cream products, better if enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid: mineral foundation, concealer and blush enriched

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