Taking the step to share your life with a dog is one of the most important decisions. Taking responsibility for a life and all the needs that come with it cannot be taken lightly. Among the many obligations and sacrifices that must be made to raise a dog is education.

It is extremely important that the owner and dog create a bond based on respect and hierarchy to make the challenge of learning as easy as possible. If the person is the leader and the dog knows it, he will have to listen because that is how their ranks work. Although this is on paper, because all those who have had a pet know that sometimes 1+1 is not always two.

It costs more or less you have to get the puppy in question to obey at least the most essential orders or tasks: to relieve itself in the street or in its designated place, to obey the call or that the animal walks next to us during the walk. If this does not happen, it can be an absolute lack of control that will end up with the dog and its owner frustrated. The responsibility, of course, always lies with the owner, who despite wanting the best for the dog, usually makes mistakes in training.

The learning process will be harder if the breed of dog we have in our hands tends to disobedience or needs more repetitions to associate the command with the action.

Taking into account that each dog is a world of its own and some are easier than others, these are the breeds – based on the studies of Stanley Coren, canine psychologist and professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver – that have been shown to have the hardest time learning:
English Bulldog
At first glance you can already see that the English bulldog will not pay much attention, at least at first. It is very difficult for them to associate words with actions, so it will take a lot of patience for them to assimilate the concepts. However, they are great companion dogs, especially with the smallest of the house.
Basset Hound
The basset hound is another breed that physically has traits – droopy eyes, slowness, elongated body – associated with lack of intelligence. They will need a lot of repetition to be able to obey basic commands.
Chihuahuas tend to be puppies that live like royalty. They have all their pampering and needs met so they don’t need to worry about much else. This causes that they don’t pay too much attention and they don’t want to obey their owners too much.
Afghan Greyhound
Afghans are all about elegance and they know it. Those airs of superiority and their great hunting instinct make them not very willing to obey.
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu are dogs with a strong character and an exaggerated tendency to escape. This innate need to explore everything together with their stubbornness and independence – it is an Asian dog – make them a challenge. It will take a great deal of patience just to get them to come to the call.

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