Suede shoes: daily cleaning and remedies for stains

Suede shoes are as beautiful as they are delicate. Here are some remedies for daily cleaning and to remedy more stubborn stains

There’s no doubt about it: suede shoes are the hardest to keep clean, but also among the trendiest as in the case of men’s suede lace-up shoes. They are as beautiful as they are delicate and require a bit of daily attention.

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Let’s see some practical tips on how to clean suede shoes and how to keep them in good condition.

How to clean suede shoes
To keep suede shoes looking their best, it’s important to take care of them every day: their leather is delicate, gets dirty more easily than other types of leather and tends to discolor and harden. Since they have the tendency to accumulate dust, it is quite important to brush them every day so that the dust, getting wet, perhaps with the rain, does not turn into real stain especially in the case of shoes like ankle boots, must have of the cold season 2018-2019.

You can use a simple brush with rubber bristles that removes the light layer of dust and restores the original color.
If the suede shoes are ruined and if the color is a bit faded, then it is necessary to use chamois. This is a product readily available or purchased from the shoemaker which restores the original color to the shoe. It is available in various colors.

But if, beyond the daily cleaning, the shoes are stained, how to do to clean the suede, perhaps of your women’s lace-ups for the office?

How to clean suede shoes from small stains
If the stains are minor and seem superficial, then after brushing the shoes and completely removing the dust, you can use breadcrumbs. Gently rubbing it into the stained areas will remove the most superficial remains of the stain. There is a special breadcrumb available on the market: the advantage is that, apart from removing the stains, it does not damage the leather.
Another method is to pass on the stain a cotton ball soaked in milk. It is good not to rub because otherwise the leather will wear out and be ruined.

How to clean suede shoes from persistent stains
If the stains are more persistent, you can use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with water and liquid soap. Be careful not to get the cloth too wet, otherwise the risk is to soak the shoe.
Suede should never get soaked with water, otherwise the leather will be ruined, discolored and hardened.

For the same reason, washing suede shoes in the washing machine is not recommended.
Also be careful not to press too much and respect the direction of the hair, otherwise you could ruin it irreparably.
Drying should be done in a natural way and away from heat sources. The ideal is to put the shoes in an upright position with the tips pointing upwards.

How to clean suede shoes from the rain
Rain is not very friendly to your suede shoes. If you end up in a puddle, there is a risk that, as it dries, white spots will form or otherwise you will notice the difference in color.
In this case you can slightly dampen the shoe with a diffuser and then brush it in the direction of the hair.
If you still notice differences in color, you can use the chamois recovering even suede formal shoes.

How to clean oil suede shoes
If you habitually use chamois or some other waterproofing spray, the damage that a drop of oil can do to suede is quite small. In fact, the leather remains protected and does not become soaked. If, on the other hand, you do not use any protective product, you must act promptly otherwise it may no longer be possible to remove the oil from your shoes.

Oil is a greasy substance and, when it impregnates the leather, it permanently changes its color, especially if the leather is light-colored.

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