Rules for transporting pets within the Russian Federation and abroad

Traveling has long been an integral part of our lives. Preparing for a trip is not an easy process: choosing and buying tickets, packing suitcases. But some travelers are faced with a much more difficult question: what to do if you need to take your favorite pet with you. In order to make pets a pleasant companion rather than a problem, we suggest familiarizing yourself with our set of transportation rules.

Taking your pet on an airplane
General rules
You can take pets such as cats, dogs and pet birds on board. It is forbidden by law to take on board insects, fish in aquariums, reptiles, rodents, experimental animals and sick animals that could harm the aircraft or passengers. Some companies impose their own restrictions on types and breeds of animals. When planning your trip, be sure to check with the airline for their internal rules.

A special carrier is required for transportation. Pets are usually placed in a heated baggage compartment, but if your pet is small, it can be taken on board with the carrier’s permission. The exception is for service and guide dogs – these may be taken on board regardless of size and without a carrier. In this case please put on a dog collar and muzzle and tie it to a seat.

The cost of transportation depends on the weight and space occupied by the pet. Remember that pets are not free baggage, and their transportation is always free of charge. Check with your airline for rates. Guide dogs travel free of charge.

Requirements for the carrier
Flying in an airplane is stressful for any animal. Therefore, it is very important to provide it with a comfortable and, most importantly, safe place. Pets must be transported in a strong container or cage with sufficient air access and a secure lock. The bottom should be covered with absorbent material. Be sure to check that your carrier is airtight enough: nothing should leak from it. The birdcage should additionally be covered with a light-permeable cloth.

Required Documents
When transporting pets, it is necessary to provide documents stipulated by the legislation of the country you are flying to. In Russia it is a veterinary passport with all the necessary markings, including a mark of vaccination against rabies.

To transport a working dog in the cabin of an aircraft it is necessary to provide a document confirming that the passenger accompanying the dog is an employee of the dog training service of the federal executive body and a document of special training of the dog.

In order to take a guide dog on board the aircraft, a document confirming the disability of the passenger must be provided, as well as a document confirming the necessary training of the dog.

The set of documents and list of vaccinations required for a flight to another country depend on local legislation. You can find out the requirements at the consulate or at the official veterinary authority of the country you plan to travel to. You can also use the Rosselkhoznadzor website by filling out a special form.

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