Les différents de farine

Whether it’s cooking or baking, we use it all year round… You guessed it, it’s all about flour! As you must have noticed, there are many types of wheat flour: T45, T55, T100… but also different varieties of flour: wheat, corn, rye, etc. Today we will untangle all this so you can see things more clearly! First we’ll see how flour is produced, then what distinguishes one flour from another, and finally we’ll look at traditional wheat flour.

On the shelves of our supermarkets we can find many different types of flour (T45, T55, T130, etc.) as well as varieties (chestnut, rye, corn, etc.). Flour is an ingredient that we consume in large quantities in both cooking and baking. We use flour to make pastry dough, brioche, béchamel and many other things!

The most commonly used flour in France is T45 wheat flour, also called ‘white flour’. It is a versatile flour that can be used for baking, cooking or making homemade bread. Before we go into more detail on the types of flour, do you know how this powder is produced? If not, let us tell you.

How flour is produced

The flour we value so much is produced by millers in a place called a mill. The miller chooses grains (or other food items such as seeds or other agricultural products) and grinds them repeatedly between the millstones, which are traditionally stone, but can also be steel. Thanks to the repeated grinding and sifting, a more or less fine powder – the flour – is obtained. The resulting flour is then sieved to obtain the purest flour possible.
For example, the different types of flour

There are many types of flour, but they are not always used for the same thing. If you want to make bread with original flours for example, make sure it is a bread-making flour, which means it contains gluten that will allow your bread dough to rise.
For example, corn flour does not contain gluten, yet you may have eaten corn bread before. In this case, you need to add another flour that contains gluten. Yes, you can mix different flours: that’s how our bakers create many different types of bread! And these flour mixes can also be used in baking.

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