deas for decorating the wall behind the bed: the most beautiful ones

The wall behind the bed is very important for the aesthetics of the room! Discover in this article 3 simple and original ideas to decorate it in the right way



When we take the big step of finally buying or renting a house on our own, there are many questions that we ask ourselves. One of them is what furniture to choose for their spaces, especially then when we talk about our bedroom.


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Decorating the wall behind the bed: why it’s important

This is certainly the most delicate room, as it is a truly personal space, and so the factors to be considered multiply: which closet to choose, what color to use and, above all, how to decorate the wall behind the bed. This wall is in fact the most important one of the whole room, and figuring out how to decorate it is certainly not easy.


And it’s no coincidence that it is so important: in a bedroom, in fact, usually one wall is occupied by the window, another by the closet, the third by a dresser or a mirror on which hangs maybe a nice modern chandelier, which leaves the last one behind the bed, unless it is very high, empty. If left bare it will not benefit the aesthetics of the environment, but on the contrary if you choose to furnish it too much, it will become oppressive and even out of place.


As an exposed wall, therefore, it is necessary to place on it an appropriate decoration worthy of the environment that has already been created. So if the wall behind the bed can be a mine of ideas to assert your personality in the house, be careful not to weigh it down with too many things: simplicity usually pays off.


So here are 3 original and unmissable ideas for the wall behind the bed.


The Batik

For those who do not know, batik is a particular technique of coloring fabrics that is used in Southeast Asia, and that dates back hundreds of years. In fact, the areas to be painted are covered with wax and clay or resin, and then the dyeing is done.


The surface usually involves very light fabrics, as very often happens with silk, and therefore acquire a distinctly ethnic taste. Preferred mainly by young people but not only, it is a handcrafted and original object that surely behind your wall will look great as a real decoration.


The suspended bookcase

Thanks to modern technology, it’s since the early 2000s that these useful pieces of furniture have been appearing to support our books: in fact, before it was complicated to conceive and imagine a piece of furniture that could support the weight of a whole bookcase.


Thanks to a very secure anchorage that allows you to hang a sturdy bookcase on a wall without any problems, perhaps enriched with a CD holder: this furniture can be perfectly adapted as a design object for your wall. Especially then in a bedroom, where when you want to relax lying on the bed, you can comfortably take a book from above your head, and read it even at night thanks to a nice wall lamp.


Mosquito net

One last idea that is definitely original for your wall behind the bed is the mosquito net. Its use has become trendy for ten years now, and in addition to making the scene is definitely useful with the arrival of summer and its annoying mosquitoes. Surely its use is environmentally friendly and healthy as it does not involve either the use of chemicals, or even the very killing of insects. Also, inside your own room it will give that naive sense that will beautify your wall, without weighing it down.

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